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After School Club @ Muller Road - What's on offer?

We are open every day that the Ashley Down Primary School is open. Our opening hours are from 3.15 until 5.45 and cost £9.50 per session per child.
Our Play Facilitator, Raquel, and her team of playworkers and volunteers  plan a session that will allow the children to relax and enjoy themselves after a day at school. 

How do I enrol my child for the club?
Places at the club are limited. We have a maximum of 48 children at any one session. If you are interested in a place, please email us to find out the current places available. We run a waiting list that we actively manage to maximise access to the club.
If we are able to offer you a place we will send you a registration form to return to the club, and we ask that you pay a deposit in advance to secure your place. We also would encourage a visit so you and your child can meet the staff and see the setting. If you sign up for a place we expect your child to attend every week, and require four weeks notice to cancel a place. 

What happens when my child comes to the club?
The children are collected from each site by qualified playworkers, running a walking bus from Downend Road school site. We collect children from the infants school (reception to year 2) from their classrooms, and meet the juniors (years 3-6) in the playground under the shelter by the year five classrooms.
Each child wears a yellow vest until they arrive at the club, and we abide by the recommended BAND ratios of children to adults, both on the walk and at the club.  

On arrival at the club the children choose a healthy snack and a drink and then have some fun!

Children can choose from a variety of snacks, including items such as wraps, bread, rice cakes, tasty spreadables (hummus, cheese, preserves, guacamole),ham, turkey, salami, pate, carrots, peppers and cucumber.  At 5 o'clock the children are offered fruit.  Drinks are available at all times. 

We provide a number of activities for the children. We have a large hall with craft activities set up, free space for physical play, both inside the hall and in our fenced outdoor play area. We have a range of sporting equipment to let off some steam, and enjoy games. We also have a quiet area for children wanting to take it easy, with colouring, plenty of books and comfortable bean bags to settle down on.

For further information about the club go the FAQ page for a downloadable copy of our information booklet.
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