Frequently asked questions

1. Is there a waiting list?  
Yes we usually have a waiting list but please submit a request anyway as we may be able to help you. Some days are less in demand and places do come up, even on the busy days.

2. How do I pay?
You can pay via direct transfer to our bank or using childcare vouchers. We ask for payment monthly in advance.

3. How much notice do I need to give?
We require a term's written notice to give up a place.

4. What do you provide at After School Club?
Please see our page about the after school club for more information

5, What do you provide at Breakfast Club?
Please see our page about the breakfast club for more information

6. Can I have more information about the Club?
Yes, please read our Family Information Pack for additional information

7. May I see your policies? 
Yes, please email for copies of any of our policies.

8. Where is your Main Site located?
See the map below: